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tv   New Member Interview with Representative Mike Johnson  CSPAN  July 18, 2017 4:22pm-4:33pm EDT

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anniversary of the 1967 detroit riots. we'll talk with former detroit police chief isaiah "ike" mackinnon and pulitzer prize-winning historian to find out what happened and why. and the pulitzer prize winner stephen henderson and former detroit free press journalist discussed the media coverage of the riot and it's aftermath. the 1967 detroit riots, 50 years later. live sunday starting at noon eastern on american history tv. >> we are talking with representative mike johnson who serves the state of louisiana, the 4th district and thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> tell us how you got to this position? >> my background is in constitutional law. so for about 20 years i did litigation in the courts and public interest law firms is i did do litigation and served in
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the louisiana legislature for a short term for a little under two years and was elected to a full term, and we got a chance to serve it out because the seat became open when the predecessor ran for the u.s. senate and we jumped in and it turned out well. we wound up with the largest winning percentage in 50 years in my district, and so it's good to be here. >> tell us a little bit about what was the ultimate deciding factor? >> well, i'm the father of four children under the age of 16, and my wife and i have invested all of our adult lives in trying to make a better opportunity for them as all parents do, and i come from the state of louisiana, and a poor state or one of the less well off, let's say that, least well off, and there's a lot of concerns in my district and i represent 15 parishes and counties in louisiana. 760,000 people and there's a lot of cultural differences along the big area, geographic area,
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but the concerns are the same and that's the common concern about the jobs in the economy. we need more opportunity for economic mobility to broaden the pathway out of poverty for more people and create new opportunities for everyone and the american dream should still be within our grasp that hasn't been in recent years and the national security and the threat of terrorism and all of these things are -- and that had something to offer and so we put ourselves out there and the people sent us here to do the good work. >> what was the difference between serving at the -- [ no audio ] >> to be honest, people are surprised to hear this back home when i say it, but it's the level of collegiality that you find amongst the colleagues here and it's not just within the various conferences, but across the aisle.
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there are 55 of us that came together and we've all just worked really well together. we developed some real friendships and there's a common sense of unity over overarching purposes and at our freshman retreat we talked about how we wanted to change the tone in washington and raised the level of civility and i draft adi document called the commitment to civility. and 53 -- [ no audio ] >> and decorum and treat one another with dignity and respect and even when we disagree, do it in an agreeable fashion. [ no audio ] >> just from the home state of louisiana and a dear friend of mine for over 20 years. that got everybody's attention and you saw even in national
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media over the last few weeks -- [ no audio ] >> so there is a recognition that we have to change that and it's been gratifying and encouraging to see people from different -- [ no audio ] >> i think that's what the founders envisioned and intended, and that level of statesmanship that we useded to regard and respect -- and aside from the unity. [ no audio ]
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[ no audio ] [ no audio ] >> on the ground level back home and we have -- [ no audio ]
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>> it doesn't really feel like -- >> who do you look to as a role model? [ no audio ] >> just members and, you know -- [ no audio ]
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>> it's been really great about reaching out and help us learn the ropes and it's made us all effective and we're grateful for that. >> did mr. scalise call for any advice to you? so we've known each other a long time and he has always been one of my great advisers and he's very generous with his time that way, and i'm not unique, because so many people have said that about the whip and that's just who he is as a person and it's a great credit to him that he's respected. >> he said, be careful about your early alliances that you make, and you need to assess the whole scope and the whole situation before you get marginalized or labeled in any way and that's been some key advice. you want to be regarded in
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congress as one who is levelheaded and someone who will evaluate everything on its merit and not stake out a position in the corner somewhere and we've been very deliberate about doing that, and i think that's what the voters back home explain. >> you mentioned your family. tell us about them. >> yeah. i've been married to my wife kelly for 14 years now and we have four children and we're blessed that they're back home, and i can do the thing on the weekends and the precious few days off that we have. i'm blessed that my family is into this, and they see it as a calling as i do and the family has a long road of suffering through this and they are, and god's been gracious to cover our bases and i'm a blessed man. >> is it difficult to keep a connection with them on the day to day, things that family have to go through? >> it's hard to miss baseball games and practices and that kind of thing, but we use facetime and technology is
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great, and i see my children every night before i go to bed and catch up with them through the day and that makes a difference and it is great to get home and open the front door and have the 6-year-old run up and daddy, and they all come up in turn, and it allows you to keep perspective and remember why we're doing all this. i'm doing this job for them and all of our children and grandchildren so that they have the same opportunity and the same country that we've all appreciated and enjoyed and i think my kids understand that and they're really into what they're doing. >> as far as committee -- what committees do you serve on. what do you hope to bring to them? >> i was put on judiciary, and my back ground in constitutional law, and that's a great committee because there is broad jurisdiction against so many things and everything from the criminal law to the maintaining of civil rights and constitutional rights and everything to border security and immigration and the criminal justice system. lots of authority there andy is it's an important community and
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i'm grateful to be there and dealing with those big hot-button issues and the natural resources which is very important for the state of louisiana and i was really grateful to get a vase chairmanship and oversight and we were doing some really important work there. so those are key positions for our state and we've been grateful for those assignments. >> and it's want louisiana, okay? there are lots of things that masquerade as cajun food that are not, but we get home enough to get the real taste of the real stuff and we do washington, d.c. mardi gras and draw thousands of people who get to sample the real stuff and we got a taste of louisiana on the hill. >> thanks for your time. >> thanks for your time. >> remarks now from federal reserve chair janet yellen as she reviews the semi-annual monetary report and she st


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